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This is my way of healing

This is my way of healing by writing down what happened at my son’s birth.
This was my second birth. My first experience was a home birth. I only say that not to brag but to illustrate how completely blind sided I was. The facts are I had complications. I was considered high risk at 17 weeks 29th placenta previa.
When I started bleeding two weeks later the Dr didn’t seen surprisedĀ it was just a little gush. Well that kept getting worse and by 22 weeks I was put on bed rest. Still I had bleeding episodes so I was hospitalized and sent home weeks at a time till we finely reached 37 weeks.
I was discharged from the hospital and at this pint we were waiting to see what happened next. Having been desensitized to the right of blood by now my only thought was I must be in labour there’s blood everywhere. I’m fact I was having a full placental abruption. I was able to put on a pad only to gush three it blood ran down my legs and began to soke the carpet. My husband walked me to the car why we didn’t call 911 has to do with the fact that I called my midwife and not seeing the amount of blood she acted like it was just no big deal. This was a very big deal I was bleeding to death in my car and my baby was in distress. We arrived at the hospital it was 4am so when I stepped out and splashed blood onto the side walk and onto the waiting room screening for my life help the lady at the counter was in shock and froze. My husband ran for help. My poor son 6 years old was trying not to cry. It took this hospital an hour and a half to get me into surgery. I was put under. I woke to find I couldn’t see my son yet but he was alive. He wasn’t doing well he needed to be resuscitated and had iv’s in his little arms. When I was in the icu they brought him to me but explained he needed to be transported to another hospital. I didn’t know then how hard that would really be on me. We survived….people kept people kept telling me at least the baby is ok. This experiences left me isolated and depressed beyond anything I’d ever faced.

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  1. They were tought times…but thsi is speciality of time….it passes by may it be happy or sad moments…they pass away and whatbis left is just memories. Try to forget bad in your life because there is lot to remeber….happiness is less so easy to remember….

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