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Hey guys, I am a 19 year old girl

Hey guys, I am a 19 year old girl hoping to get some good advice.

I am currently doing an internship in a law firm, the law firm is big and beautiful and the people are nice too. When it comes to actual work, I am not being properly thought and I am not even doing what I should be doing from what I have studied. I have another offer where they keep you after your internship as well AND THEY EXPECT ME TO START ON MONDAY or the offer does not stand anymore, the annual salary is a tiny bit lower however you also get 1/3 of the lawyers bill to their client ( we all know how expensive lawyers charge lol)

Anyways, I have spoken to my parents about it and they are obviously TRIPPING because I want to leave this place and go to the other one due to the fact that the other firm is not as big.

In my point of view, NO ONE should be focusing on how big or how nice the place is but where will it bring you? Are you actually learning anything? Lastly, do you feel comfortable doing the work.. because I am not at all i keep making mistakes and noooo one is teaching me, all they do is some blabla from here and there

Please help xx

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