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I had always been “bullied” by my mom

I had always been “bullied” by my mom. At first, when I was just a kid, I was often got hit. One thing I remembered until now, when I was in he 1st grade, she forced me to do questions for 2nd grade students. My head hadn’t reached that level ‘kay? Don’t force me to do it. then now, my scores had gotten better so I got hit less often. But now she moved on to verbal “bullying”. From mocking me, getting mad at me, everything. and just now, she said that I didn’t acknowledge her as my mom. Then whose fault do you think it is? She said that I never told her anything. Whose FAULT do you think that made me become closed to my own MOTHER? I always told everything to my babysitter at home. My father, well rarely but still tell him sometimes since he is much better than her. My friends? EVERYTHING. I’ve had enough of her sh*t. How many times do you think I’ve thought of committing suicide? If not for my love to my crush and anime world, I would have been committed suicide.
Moms out there, please. Don’t let anymore kids feel like the way I did.

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  1. How old are you right now? I know it’s hard to live with a mother who treats you wrongfully, just bare with her for a while until you move out, then, her behaviour towards you will dramatically change as you get farther away from her.

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