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I have a best friend who now has a girlfriend

I have a best friend. He is the best. We have been best friends for almost four years. I would never replace him with another person. I used to have feelings for him in our first year of friendship, but they went away when he told me he was interested in another person. He currently now has a girlfriend. I feel that his girlfriend is make us distant. We hardly talk anymore, and we hardly hang out. When I ever ask him to hang out he says his parents won’t let him or that he is busy.. next thing you know I see pictures of him with his friends and of course his girlfriend. It makes me sad to see that he would choose his girlfriend over me, but then i think about it and realize that I am basically nothing compared to his girlfriend. She has more priority in his life than i do. I don’t feel like we are best friends anymore. He only seems to text me when he is bored. I feel like telling him that we can’t be best friends anymore but at the same time i feel like i would be over exaggerating the situation.


  1. you are so good even thinking about him in such a situation
    you must wait for a chance when you are private with him just smile and say “i really miss you”.then he will understand the how much you really miss him.all will be right be happy.

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