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I finally met my dream girl. I’m 20, she’s 14

My Twin Flame Story My story begins in 2008, I was working at an ice cream shop and it was the second summer I worked there. One day I came in to work and saw this girl there mixing the ice cream, we both said hi and at that moment i felt something inside that i’ve never felt before. My boss use to let me bring in music cd’s so i brought the band HIM’s Dark Light cd and as soon as the girl saw the cd she said “I love the band HIM”. Then one day I came in to work and asked my boss what happened to the girl because she hadn’t been there in a about a week, my boss said “she had to go back to school” I was devastated when she told me that, the pain hurt worse then anything i’ve ever felt in my life. Then that same day at work I had to take out some trash and I came to realize that the reason why it didn’t work out between me and the girl at the time was because of the age difference, she was 14 and I was 19. Fast forward at lest 3 years later I had a dream about her and in the dream everything was going good. We went to gamestop and then we went back to our house and played some video games, then something happened and she told me she couldn’t stay. Once again in the dream I was devastated and i woke up in tears. Then 4 years later and 6 years after our first meeting I met her again, this time we were both working at a retail store. She was getting boxes of merchandise ready to take to the sales floor for the stockers, we both stared at each other for about 20 seconds and at that moment I got a weird sense of deja vu. Then after I got past the stage of just saying hi we started talking more and more, I had found out that she loves video games and rock music like me. The weird thing about it was about 2 months before we met again I was filling out the job application when I told my uncle “you know what my dream girl is?” and he said “what” then I said “My dream girl is a girl that likes to play video games and likes rock music as much as I do”. Once I realized that my wish came true the synchronicitys started happening. Almost a month later we were just casually talking as friends because she had a boyfriend at the time, I asked how her day was and she told me it was good but it could have been better and then she asked me how mine was and I said the same thing and told her that i overslept until 4pm. Then she said “well at lest you didn’t have to come to work until 10pm, I woke up at 4am for some reason”. Then a week before her birthday without thinking I told one of my coworkers “you know what would be crazy and messed up at the same time?” he said “what?” then I said “it would crazy and messed up if her boyfriend broke up with her on her birthday”. So about three days after her birthday when i saw her at work I gave her a birthday card i had bought her, she said “aww thank you, your like the only person I know that can spell my name right”. Then later that night my coworker told me that her and her boyfriend broke up on her birthday and he said that he asked her what she thought about me and she told him that she thinks I’m a really nice guy. Then a couple weeks later I found out that she was moving in a couple months so I got upset because I had finally met my dream girl and everything was going good up until that point, I was also upset because i realized that the dream i had a few years prior was coming true and just like in the dream I couldn’t stop it from happening. Then one night we were talking on facebook and she told me she had a headache so i told her i hope she feels better soon and when we were getting ready to get offline she said she had to go because she had to get up at 9am. About an hour later I got a really bad headache and when i woke up it was 9am. At this point i started seeing signs like 11:11 and 1:11, and at work one night I could have sworn she completed my sentence when i was telling her that I thought it was really awesome that I finally met a girl that I could talk to about video games. The months after that went by quickly and on the last day I got to see her we hung out in the game room at work, we talked for a minute and then I gave her the song I wrote her and she said she liked it. Then a few days later I found out that she quit, so after that we talked off and on on Facebook. Then one night I was getting ready for work and out of nowhere i felt like i had a bad sunburn, and so during my first break at work I checked my Facebook and sure enough she posted that she had a bad sunburn. Then later that night In my head i thought it would be funny if after i told her about the sunburn coincidence I was gonna tell her “with all these crazy coincidences our nicknames should be thing 1 and thing 2” and not even a minute after I said that I saw a pair of pajama pants with thing 1 and thing 2 on them. So then one other thing i found out about her is that she use to be a really heavy monster drinker like me. A week went by without hearing from her and I had just woken up when she texted me out of nowhere and we talked all day. Then a few days later I had a dream that we use to video chat on the computers at school and I just kept re watching the last time we video chatted, I was just about to cry when I woke up because I got some mail. I had gotten the wiiu in the mail so i was so excited because I couldn’t wait to tell her about it and so I got on facebook and I found out that she deleted her Facebook account. That tore me up worse than anything. I haven’t heard from her since but for a while I kept seeing her name everywhere, I’ve had 5 dreams about her and I keep seeing 11:11, but the biggest thing that I couldn’t figure out for a while is that i keep seeing 12:14am. At first I thought it had something to do with my birthday because my birthday is 12/14 but recently I was going through my pictures when I came across the one we took on the last day I saw her and it said it was taken at 12:14am. Then one last thing is that i got bored one day and realized that her birthday and my birthday and the year 2014 have a lot of similarities like the 12 and 9 are part of the 3’s, her birthday is 9/20, my dad’s birthday is 3/20 and my sister’s birthday is 5/20. Then as far as 2014 goes when we met back in 2008 I was going to be 20 that year and she was 14 at the time. In conclusion I don’t know when or where we’ll meet again but i know somehow some way we will see each other again, I also know no matter what people try to tell me, she is my twin flame.


  1. Hi, I’m Nabanita Pramanik, I know how strong and brave you ‘re as an awakenedd twin flame.

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