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Sharing a life story isn’t that hard but living it is

Sharing a life story isn’t that hard but living it is suffocating.

So in the beginning my family was just a pretty normal and happy family, at least that’s what I thought we were. When I was 14 I found my mom walking in the street with a man I didn’t know instead of my dad, she was smiling.
When I was 15, I found out that my mom didn’t only smile for one man but many others, at that time I couldn’t be angry at her, no at that time I felt pity for a woman who just couldn’t find her happiness. At that time, I tried suicide to get a way out. I’ll never do it, because I’ll just be running away like a coward.
When I was 16 I started my new life as a high schooler, forgot my bullies from before and finally found my ”light” – I started doing some online chat with a girl from the other side of the planet, since we were both needing somewhere warm to be we just told each other every problems we couldn’t tell anyone else an gave each other strength. We’re both girls, 4 (almost 5) years age gap and 7,613 miles away, that didn’t stop us from falling in love.

I’ve been working part time jobs, saving all the money I could so that when I finish high school I’ll finally live and start writing a new life story. By her side.

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