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Then started my journey of hell

My marriage was fixed through matrimonial site and after two meetings roka was done then started my journey of hell my would be used to call and used to ask about my salary package and have I started searching job in noida as we will be staying in noida after marriage . Always he used to call and forced me to apply for job.and surprise was this my would be mother in law also used to do this always on call used to ask my salary package and job search was not interested in other activities. It was so bad for me that one day I told my parents regarding this and said I do not want to get married to some cheap family . But cards was ready and all preparation was done so nothing can be done so I accepted it. My would demands were so high my father a retired manager with still did all possible things to fulfill their invalid demands. Then at last I got married to hell of my life. Second day of marriage kinar came to my sasural but my inlaws were not having money to give them so my husband ask money from me. And that day I understood his intentions. After two days we went to jammu for vaishno devi darshan after our flight my husband started asking for money for each expense we did their . I was in shock where I got married. But this was the starting my hell. We went back to delhi airport and we were arrested by airport authority as one of the airhostress filed case against my husband for misbehaving later I got to know that airhostress was my husbands ex girlfriend with whom he was in live in before marriage big shock for me. Then my parents arranged a lawyer and came to know about past that after my roka also he was in live-in with that girl he was asking for things as dowry and was staying with that girl how fraud he was. So difficult phase of my life .still I managed things got settled husband got bail. After few day they again started forcing me to start searching job do not sit at home . Then again a twist my husband was fired from his job . Still I didn’t said anything and started searching job. At last I got job and husband also got job . Then another journey we used to travel from metro to office in metro he used treat me badly he used to shout snatch my hand . One day again he fought with 4 metro travelers and again police arrested us again my relatives came to rescue. But he blamed my family and me for all got violent used to throw utensils.then also I stayed with him don’t know why then he started doubting on me that I am going to meet my sister or someone else . But that was my limit . Then I decided to not continue with this hell . I left my husband and start living in paying guest over their also he used to disturb me but now I am strong it doesn’t effect me . I have filed for divorce …. I am waiting to get apart soon from this so called hell…….

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