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How did this happen?!

How did this happen?! I ask myself this daily. My husband is a great guy, I met him when I was 17yrs old and we have two amazing children. One who is 18 and one 14. We are 34 now and I think we just aren’t in love anymore. Plain and simple right? Wrong. It’s like we love each other so much we can’t let go of the comfort we get in being with the other person. Here’s the deal

Breaking bombshell for me, he’s a alcoholic. 8yrs of sneaking out the back door, going to bars, cheating, getting aggressive, I finally said no more. He can drink all he wants but I made it clear not around me or the kids. He left but it only lasted 3mos and he was back. In the meantime I found comfort in a old high school crush. We decided to meet up and during the hug goodbye ended up in a kiss that blew me away. I’ve never felt so taken away before. We met up a week later and had sex in his office that will always be that orgasm I’ll never reach again. That was the first I’ve experienced the feeling of someone making love to me and I became a addict. I fell in love with this mad but he also is married with two kids. He’s in the same exact situation as me actually. He loves her and the familiarizes of her but not in love a bit. Almost 5yrs has passed and you wouldn’t believe the roller coaster I’ve been on. Not to mention I’m not the most “mentally stable” person to begin with and this affair has not only changed who I am as a person but also changed my boyfriend. I use to make him so happy now I feel I break his heart more than anything. My husband has confessed a pill addiction he’s had the last 3-4yrs and he’s (once again) said he’s not in love and left me. I could go on and on but this is all I have the energy to share. Please don’t be too harsh as I am aware how horrible I am to

Get myself in this situation and I’m already hurting deeply. I’m desperately seeking words of wisdom and personal experience here would be amazing. This kind of heartbreak scares me ?

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