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I am depressed as fuck

Hello people,
I won’t disclose my name but right now I am depressed as fuck just like any other girl.
The reason?? Guess what? BOY FRIEND!
I feel like shit he don’t give a fuck about me. He always takes me for granted now a days now matter what I do for but he don’t give a fuck. All his friends are using him but I am always trying to help him but he don’t care at end of the day he end with them doing hash and drugs which is ruining his health but I don’t know why the fuck he cant see it.
He looks like a skeleton, I tried my best so that he can leave those drugs but hes not ready.
I think I was never his priority and i never will be.
Whenever he needs me he wants me there but when he wants me I can never have him.
I don’t remember the last time when he did something on his own to make me happy.
This pain is killing me. Just because of this shit i cant focus on my work, not even on my health.
I have lost 10 kgs.
There is a lot more then what ever I am writing.
This is my first time.
Done for today I believe.

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