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The guy I was dating was lying to me

The guy I was dating moved away today without telling me. We’d had a difficult relationship that was built on his lies and my anger at his lies.
We had only been dating since January, but I happened to get pregnant in February, which led to an abortion in March. It was a lot to deal with in a relationship with a person that I barely knew and didn’t really trust. I tried to work through our issues and my distrust at first. Even when evidence surfaced that he was being shady or doing something wrong, he always had a story, a justification. After all, he was always the kind one and I was always the one taking him on an emotional roller coaster with my constant doubting and anger.
He finally admitted he was a liar today, after telling me he had randomly moved away and before blocking me on social media and ignoring my texts. Two days ago he sat across from me at a restaurant and pitifully asked me why I wouldn’t call myself his girlfriend. I answered him simply: because you’re a liar. You lied to me today, you lied to me yesterday, and you will probably lie to me tomorrow. He came over the next morning. When he left we fought about his lies about going to a wedding with a girl that has been central to our issues this weekend. The next morning he texted me about the show we’d been watching together and sent me a picture he thought was funny. I responded by asking if he wanted his sweater back. He came and got it that night, I left it on the porch. He didn’t say goodbye or tell me he was leaving. Now, the next day, he is gone. I know it is probably for the best. He had told me we would go to New Orleans together, we were planning a trip, a night together, next weeks activities. I had loved him and now he’s just gone.

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