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Speaking to a friend online about sex without them knowing who I was

This happened a few weeks back. In my effort to prove myself as an adult to my parents, I decided to write a book as a gift for their wedding anniversary. Basically I wanted them to know that I’m well versed in the concept of sex and didn’t want the fact that we’ve never had sex talk in our family meeting to let them them believe that I’m too naive. Being in India, like other children, I too wasn’t provided with sex education at school. So naturally I found it out myself.

Figuring out a plot for my book that was readable by mom and dad took me time. Finally I thought of writing the story about how true friendship can happen online. Now I had to figure out the sexual content. A friend of mine whom I had met online fuelled me the idea of contacting somebody I know anonymously and talking to him, befriending him. She helped me create an account in Facebook and a message was sent to the guy whom I thought would be suitable. Only then did I realise how idiotic I was and immediately tried to delete the account but with no success. Well, when he replied I tried to fend him off.
He: Hey
Me: I messaged you for fun. Sorry.
He: Nah that’s alright. I’m just making sure you’re not one of my friends playing a prank on me
Me: Well then to confirm, I’m not one of your friends
He: So where are you from?
Me: Texas
He: Cool. Which city?
Me: Houston.

Well our conversation went on. I thought he’d leave if we got sexual and hence I called him ” a young guy who’s naive”. As you can imagine, that backfired and in his urge to prove himself he began opening up about his sexual knowledge. I thought ” Perfect for my book!”. I responded to him. But the sexting didn’t last much as I got overwhelmed and I left. But dunno why, I ended up talking to him again but we made it clear that we’d be only friends. A week or two of chatting with this guy made me question my ability to judge people. I’d barely known this guy in real life and the impression he gave me then was overruled by the new opinion that I had about him online. I guess people seldom be themselves with the peer group. But as an anonymous girl, he did talk to me about stuff that I’d never guessed he was capable of talking. That’s when I realised he’d let his guard down and had believed the existence of a girl from texas who talked to him when she was free. In reality, I was struggling to keep up the time lag between texas and my own country to keep the friendship going.

Well, one fine morning, I found out that the girl who’d given me this idea had managed to get into my account and carry on the convo with him. That’s when I realised that whatever I was doing was bullshit! In a moment of adrenaline surge, I revealed my identity to him. Obviously this resulted in a few days of tension – I was guilty and nervous and he….well I had no idea what he was feeling. Soon we talked and cleared things up. He is still confused about this whole stuff and since, I dropped the idea of writing the book, I’m posting my story here so that he can actually understand what this sham was about.

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