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People are some of life’s greatest disapointments

People are some of life’s greatest disappointments. People let me down all the time, and I think by now I’m so used to it that all I feel is numb. I have a kind, genuine, loving heart and I see the good in people or at least I try. Ill go out of my way, putting all my personal happiness aside for someone. Ill listen to your dreams, I’ll take care of your heart and place your burdens on myself. I’ll completely loose myself making sure you are happy. I’ve lost myself. Every relationship, or date has been toxic. Anger, alcohol, jealousy, regret, all poisoned. I’m a strong women and I’ve recently been subjected to the abuse of a man, mainly verbal. It was horrific the way he spoke to me, how he put me down, how he talked to me like I was a dog… And for the slightest moment I started to listen/believe him. No one is worth that, I was thrown out of his house at 4am In the dark, in the city, and almost an hours walk away from my car. Tears of pain and the bloody knuckles to prove it, I stared my walk. This has been one of my lowest points. He almost broke me, he got right down to my heart and opened it up to the black toxic letting me think I was never going to be anything worth anyone’s time. But this is also an exceedingly painful stimulation for me as a person where I can now make the choice to rise up or fall at the hands of a slum-bag. I will rise.

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