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The lesson I learnt the hard way

I’m 25 and I’ve been this girl for about 2 years. When I first met her, she looked really charming, her eyes were sparkling, which attracted me. We hung out for a while and she moved in. Life was really great at that time.

But after a year and a half, everything changed, we had a lot of fights. And my behaviour and affection towards her changed. I took her for granted (which I now regret). I knew she can always forgive me so I said bad things to her, called bad names to her and even hit her. She always tried to make things right and to keep the relationship better, but I stopped trying.

Finally, she’d been so hurt for so long that she wanted to leave me. I didn’t apologize her. Instead, I said “My life would be better without you. So just leave.” (Now those words are repeating in my mind and make me regret all my bad behaviours to her.) She really left.

I thought I would be okay without her. I felt free and hung out with my dudes all night. After a few days, one night, I returned home drunk. I forgot she left me and I knocked the door accidentally, saying “Baby, I’m back. Open the door, my girl.” Of course, there was no reply. At that moment, I realized all the things I had done to her and all the things that made her hurt.

  • The girl who used to wait up at nights for my return home,
  • The girl who used to prepare breakfast for me,
  • The girl who used to take care of me when I’m ill,
  • The girl who used to be with me through my highs and lows,
  • The girl who used to help me through my hard times,
  • The girl who used to make me happy,
  • The girl who used to love me the most, has finally gone…

I couldn’t sleep that night, thinking about all the times we had together. My life was beautiful when she’s with me. The way she laughed, the way she buried her head in my chest, the way she kissed me… I miss everything. I miss her…

A man with regrets.

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