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I am bisexual and I am interested in one of my best friends

Hey everyone… Hope all of you are on a good side of your health.

I am bisexual and I am interested in one of my best friends. He is a very good guy and we have had a lot of fun together; we go to the movies, hangout, etc. We have spent 2 years together in an apartment because we used to study in the same college.

I had tried to touch him or to cuddle him but he never responded well. He used to push me gently away so that he could not get touched again. He saw a gay chatting app in my phone and reacted very rudely, but after some time we had grown closer and we would go out more, roam around more.

Now, I have this feeling that I should share my sexuality with him. Kindly help me out with this. Should I do it? I am scared that by doing this, I will end my friendship with him.

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  1. I would advise you to talk to him about your sexuality, probalbly he already knows it. But I would wait for his reaction before telling him how you feel about him. Hope you get lucky!

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