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The moment I introduce a boy to my sister, they would fall for her

What can I say about my life!!!! I have nothing great to tell or show as nobody notices me. All my life I have been my sisters shadow because she is pretty while am not, and it seems even luck is on her side. I love my family and they love me too, but the way they act to my sister makes me feel like I am nothing compared to here. And it’s true. She is pretty, charming, popular, has a good job and is loved by everyone.

Recently I wanted to have a boyfriend. You know, there is a time when you can’t stop thinking about the opposite sex. You know, hormones, but I am afraid to even try because I fear the moment I introduce them to my sister, they would fall for her… as most men have, as I am saying this from experience.. Honestly, I don’t believe in everlasting love cause I never seen one last and its impossible but deep down I wish I can find the one who would love me. Who thinks my personality is cute and think am pretty, even after they see my sister

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