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It was him since the beginning

It was him since the beginning. I liked him so much, I still do.He is so handsome, charming, perfect. Fate didn’t want us to be together. We agreed on meeting each other so many times but something would always come up and we never met alone. Always with friends, when he is with his friends he is so shy. He doesn’t say a word. I made a mistake back then, when we first talked. I made him hate me, after hooking up with one of his guys.¬†What could I do? He was the one I wanted but he gave me a wrong impression. After that he became the ultimate bad boy. He talked shit about me pretending that he hated me. And as soon as I gave him hopes he would crawl back to me like a little puppy. I want to kiss him so badly, I never had the chance to. I want him to touch me and feel me, feel the love that I can and want to give him. I want him to be mine so badly, but my ego is too big and so is his. He is talking to a random *srsly RANDOM* girl lately. Saying that she makes him happy but not that they are together she lives abroad. I want him to give us a chance to prove him wrong about every single bad thing he has ever said about me. We are destined to be, something always comes up and bonds us together, we always had chances but never grabbed them. Now I’m standing here alone thinking of him. Is he ever thinking of me? Does he want me like I do but he’s too selfish to talk first after everything that has happened?
To Be Continued

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