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My boyfriend is cheating on me

My boyfriend (been with 10 years and have 2 kids) has left us over and over again. It started when the kids were very little. The boys are only a year apart, and I had 2 other children from previous relationship. He’d say he’s going to his brothers for a bit or to see his dad but not return home for days, then weeks and the last time months.

During his absence I struggle to care for the family financially and emotionally as he ignores all my calls. Like he just vanished. I always take him back not even knowing why. This last time I found out he was living and seeing another women. He did start returning calls and texting me lying about other women. He even told me his father died and he needed to be with family for a while. I found out where she lived and Facebook messaged her telling her he’s in a relationship. I sent her a copy of each time he messaged me, she never replied.

I feel for his lies and wanted so bad to believe he wanted me like he said in text. I went to the apartment and listened at the door. I heard them laughing, then having sex. I wanted to die!! He hid and she called the cops. Long story short. eventually she was evicted and he called me to take him home. I did for some reason. I felt more in love with him I wanted to be a better lover companion and meet his every desire.

Shortly after moving home and me treating him like a king, I found out he was on a couple dating sites and still texting her. She even asked when she could text knowing he was with me, she was OK with being discrete. When I confront him, he tried hard to lie, but slowly over a year told as little info as possible. I cant trust him and still think he’s seeing her. I might add this man (my boyfriend) lives with me and kids at my fathers house. My father pays all the bills and he works but is selfish and whines bout spending any of HIS money on kids. Help!


  1. Honey, you deserve better. Any logical person would tell you that it’s best to leave him and find another, but I also know love is the most illogical thing, you can’t just turn your back. But you will have to, build your strength, no one might support you, you might have to do it alone, but this is your moment, you can choose to get up and do something about it or you can sit and cry about it your whole life.
    I believe in you !

  2. You are a strong woman if you allow this man to do this to you and still be on your feet. You have the answer. You will be just fine without him.

  3. dump him, seriously dump him, if he can’t care enough to care for his own kids he isn’t worth your love or life. Find someone who will love you and your kids the way you deserve. Do not let him gaslight you or convince you he will change. Men like him never do. Be strong and throw his arse out. You and your kids deserve so much better than this and your dad deserves not to support someone who treats his daughter or grandkids this way.

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