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Broken up, but still madly in love

It’s been 6 yrs since the day she break up with me, but I still love her. I can’t forget her now. I’m sharing this because I miss her. I always miss her. I always regret the day that I let her go, the day I gave up on her. That day now… I’m here still crying. In 6 years, I had 2 relationship. In that past years after we break up but still she’s the only one for me. I can’t forget about her. I want to hug her. I am always hallucinating in bed hugging my pillow. I can see her in my arms sleeping, looking at me, kissing me. I can’t share this to anyone because I don’t want you to see this because I know that your happy now. I want to say that I’m sorry, but this is reality. No one can go back on that time on any past time but my love for you will not change. I don’t know why, but that is what I feel. I miss you, but I can’t go back. I love you, but you gave up on me. You are my forever, but not that is not what you feel. I’m sorry ???

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