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Alopecia can take everything away

Hi, I’m a 21 year old female living with alopecia (an auto-immune condition that can’t be cured). I’m sharing my story because there are only a few people who had heard of this. I know this would probably sound boring, but instead I hope that you will learn something from this. This condition causes hair loss, but imagine a young girl (it can also be a child) with no hair, eyebrows and eyelashes. It looks horrible I know, but imagine a young women of these days trying to make friends, act confident and smile all the time while she is wearing a wig. No, it’s not fun. Because only a few of this kind of women are lucky enough to make friends, be confident, get married, get her dream job etc. Still bored? Think about that thing that you really wish you had and then imagine that everyday you go to work/school/shopping you don’t see nothing but everyone that have THAT thing you really wish you had. That’s how it feels when you are bald and young and a woman. Some people will say “yeah, but there are bald models”, “yeah, there are bald women who got married”. Yes, I don’t disagree, but it depends on the country. I live in Romania, it is a beautiful country (and no, we are not gypsies, those are not Romanians), but the people are like…too perfectionists.

It’s hard to enjoy simple things when you can’t have a friend because you are not “cool” or a “hipster”. I know that life is not just about hair, but when you don’t have…it is. You lose your self-confidence, you lose your trust in people, you lose the opportunity to enjoy life. Imagine that you can’t go to a party and flirt with everyone because you are wearing a wig and you are afraid of rejection. It doesn’t sound that nice, right?Imagine that when you are a little kid you go out and play with other kids, you don’t waste your time crying because everybody laughs when they see you. Alopecia can take everything away, it can’t take away your social life, relationships and friendships. We post on Facebook quotes about being ourselves and doing what we love, but how many of us will accept somebody just the way that it is? That’s the part when that “somebody” can’t do what he/she loves. I personally love talking to people about everything, art, culture, jokes, everything. I always wanted to get into a serious relationship because I just love being loved and I love to make people happy and loved. I tried but I wasn’t lucky… I met people who told me that they hate normal people but then rejected me for not being normal. I met people who told me that I look beautiful and moved away right after they found someone more attractive and not “fake”. And yes, those things happened because I didn’t had beautiful hair. So please, I’m not trying to beg you to accept people with alopecia, but I beg you to enjoy your life and do what you want because you can, you can get what you want, even if some people will judge you don’t listen, as long as you don’t have a serious reason to feel insecure about yourself just do what you love. I would do the same thing if I had hair. It doesn’t matter how you look, you can be fat, too tall, too small, etc. You are beautiful no matter what. I wasn’t lucky to met people that can see the beauty from the inside because of how i look, but you have a chance, don’t waste it.

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