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Sometimes I feel like I’m neglected, betrayed, and disloved

Hi! I’m a 14 yr old guy living with 5 people (parents and 3 sibs). I really want to release all my heart aches here. I feel like I’m the black sheep in our family. They don’t accept my personality (but its not about my sexuality, if somebody was wondering) They’re always mad at me. And did I mention, I’m the last child in the family. I did everything that I can but they don’t appreciate it. Sometimes I feel like I’m neglected, betrayed, and disloved. I always think that I’m a failure. I’m a friendly guy with some friends but most people hate me. MOST OF THE TIME I ANSWER MY PARENTS BECAUSE I HAVE HYPERTENSION AND IF I DON’T RELEASE IT MY HEAD HURTS REALLY BADLY. I hate myself, to be honest. I think that I’m not worth anything. I always cry myself to sleep thinking that if i wake up everything will be fine. My family calls me gay and it hurts me because I know it’s not true. I’m just not like other boys. I’m not physically active. My teachers also hate me but our feelings are mutual. I’m kinda good at school. I always get high grades but my family doesn’t really care ???


  1. I thought it was only me that felt unwanted. I’m a 13 year old girl and the eldest child. My brother has scoliosis and anger issues. Whenever he gets angry he always takes it out on me. He would hit me until there is blood all over my face but my parents just watch then shout at me for getting blood everywhere. It’s like they don’t care about anything i do. One time my team and i won a football tournament but they wouldn’t listen, they didn’t even come to watch me play. I don’t have any friends at school because I became distant with everyone. And i hate myself for somehow making everyone hate me. But you’re not the only one that feels that way. I guess we just have to fight through it.

  2. I’m a 16 year old girl, I can’t say I have experience in this or could even relate to this. But for what it’s worth know you are loved, and you’re strong. This is your life you control it. Don’t let others bring you down even if it’s family. Be happy and strong, and just try enjoy and live your life. 😉 If family aren’t there for you, then maybe a good friend, or a helper or carer at school just to talk to. If you’re getting high grades that’s fantastic!! You’re doing brilliant. If you carry on like this success will be right behind you, and you could do whatever you want with your life. Look to the future and all the doors open to you, and don’t let anything else bring you down. I’ve always been told by my daddy, that we come here alone, and we’re going to leave alone too. As much as family should be there for us, sometimes you may have to just think well if this is how it will be, fine. Talk to them or be strong and try to enjoy your life, because when you’re successful thats when they will be proud of you. x

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