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Hi my name is Alli and I’m still a teenager

Hi my name is Alli and I’m still a teenager. So my life started of in Massachusetts. I lived a normal life as a toddler until my parents got divorced. Me and my brother both stayed with my mom and I use to have visiting days but not any more. I don’t think about him to often but every now and then I remember the fun memories we had. Ok, now let’s move forward to elementary school. I had two best friends that I’ve known since kindergarten that I’m still best friends with. Let’s move to the end of 4th grade… So my mom was getting checked for cancer… They found a tumour it ended up being cancer. She had to go through Kimo therapy and many surgeries. One of my best friends moms would go with her to a lot of them 🙂 I thank her for always being there for us.

So my mom is a survivor of cancer! And to this day she is healthy 🙂 I also remember my grandma came to take care of me and my brother during that time… All the way from Mexico (my entire moms side of the family is from Mexico). She was the best grandma anyone could ask for… But she passed away a few months ago rip Mima??. That brings us to today. I’m definitely not rich but I don’t like to say that I’m poor (I don’t look poor to everyone at school and I don’t try to think that I’m poor because it puts me down but I am).. My family is just struggling with money but my mom is in college studying criminal justice to someday become a police or detective or something. But I believe in her and then with that job she can make more money, I guess.. But just because we’re not rich doesn’t mean we can’t still have fun we still take vacations to Mexico to visit our family. My family has had its ups and downs, but I know we can make it through eventually… 🙂

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  1. You have faced real hardships and you are struggling for a better life with limited means. You are very lucky to have a mother like that. She got divorced with the responsibility of two little children, has survived cancer and now doing her best to achieve her goals by studying. She is a hard working woman and could say the she would glad to see you in better place.

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