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My husband lets me sleep with other men because of his erectile dysfunction

So my husband of five years now sometimes has erectile dysfunction his choice for alternative methods is allowing me to have a few men on the side.
Yesterday he came home early I was doing my 2nd of 3 enemas getting ready for my date. He asked what all the fuss was so I was honest telling him things are different now days, I don’t know if they are going to take me anally or if it is going to just happen but the last time I had poop cumm and juice come out when they withdrew out of me so I’m trying to prevent that.
He got mad saying so you just let them do what ever they want? why did you never do that for me?
Because you didn’t need it that way baby, besides it’s not like I ask for it or plan it. Later that night we ended back at our house my husband walking in on me being banged by two guys each inside me one anally one vaginally both climaxing at the same time sending me into orgasm

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