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We loved each other so much that we had to break up

I was a cheerful girl with some attitude (only for boys). I was a studious but playful girl and I was in 11th class when my story begun. He was a great guy, very cheerful, funny, handsome, smart and best one of my class. I knew him from class 9 but didn’t gave him special attention. We talked sometimes about Hollywood’s latest songs, games etc and when we talked it seemed a never ending gossip.

Since he had some attitude, I didn’t wanted to share my feelings towards him. Like this my class 10 passed. In class 11 we started to talk a lot about anything and everything, I was a frank girl. After few days before inspection we were asked to make display board of the class and we both along with some more classmates showed interest in it. We both wanted to be with each other and making display board together was a great chance for it. It took 5 days to complete it and during these days we enjoyed a lot talking to each other.

We started liking each other, I knew he liked me too, but we both didn’t wanted to tell due to fear of rejection. But in my class one of my friends noticed us and came to me saying you should try once as I know he likes you (I didn’t tell her that I liked him too!). She went to him and proposed him on behalf of me (I was totally afraid). and after taking 1 hr he answered in yes….I was sooo happy that I can’t tell. After that day we both were so much happy 🙂 we never fought, had lovely talks. After a month I realized that he was a very sensitive boy and really loved me. Till then I didn’t realised my love towards him but I also started loving him.

Months passed without any problems and our love and trust increased with time, we hugged, kissed each other but not sex (I wasn’t ready) and even he doesn’t forced me. He was the best boyfriend in the world and also my best friend. I was so busy in him that I even cutoff with my friends. But I was happy with him. After nearly 10-11 months problems started. We loved each other but he started to be depressed. I cannot see him like that. His problem was that he couldn’t control his desires but kept it to himself as he didn’t wanted to force me. But his studies was also very affected. Due to his attraction and physical things he lagged in his studies. He is a good student but I wanted him to clear an Indian exam (NDA). It was my utmost desire to see him as an air force officer. He told me his problem, and it was a hard decision as he can’t control his desires on living with me and can’t remain friends as he would be physically attracted and cannot study. So we decided to break up. So that I won’t be affected by his tensions. It wasn’t that we don’t loved each other but we loved very much. So we cried for days but things became subtle after that. We still loved each other. He studies a lot and cleared NDA as he had promised me. We cleared 12 class with good marks and as he went to NDA our relationship started again. We did everything, and it was only our love that united us. We married after few years and we are living very good life. We comprised for our career but our love was so strong that it led to such a happy ending…..

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