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I catfished, fell in love and got my heart broken

Hi, I’m Sean I’m seventeen years old I’m transgender (FTM) and I’ve catfished a lot of people in my life. Do I regret it yes and no? Now, before you start judging about my catfishing or the fact I’m trans. (I know a lot of people are against that, and that’s okay, you can simply ignore my story if it bugs you.) I’m simply sharing my story now because I feel the need it might help someone. Plus I have the balls to write it now.

Now, I know there’s many catfish stories and they mostly end up good or bad (mostly bad) or whatever and they fall in love and blah, blah, blah, But hear me out.
Fair warning this is a love story. Is it a good one? Aha I don’t know yet, because life is a mysterious roller coaster my friends and you never know what path it might go too. Anyways, I should start this.

So Hi, I’m Sean I’m on my seventeenth year of life, how did this catfishing start? Well, I was eleven. Was I a happy kid? Nah I was lonely, depressed and like most kids I just wanted to fit in. Now, I never heard of the term of “catfishing” at that age or what “transgender” was all about. Because I came from a religious household I never knew how to be open about myself and to this day my family does not know.
All I knew was that it felt good to be this person and really I tried to be a girl that my mother and grandma wanted and dreamed of but I just couldn’t wrap my finger around it, it didn’t feel right I just wanted to be myself and catfishing online I just felt like I could be myself without total complete judgment from people. Because, honestly I experienced a lot of rejection and I grew tired of it so I decided to go as someone else and got a lot of friends because of it.
I experienced a few bonds and a few heart breaks during these few years and all of it passed eventually and I continued catfishing. Till one day I met this girl on my fifteen year she was smart, funny, kind, artistic, a book worm and stood out to me unlike everyone else I was intrigued by everything about her and, at that time I was still catfishing but I never knew I was going to fall hardcore in love with her and she fell in love with me too. She was sixteen when I met her so there wasn’t much age difference between us. But, because I was a catfish and went by a somewhat different person she didn’t know the real me only the one I went by and I really wanted to tell her about the real me so badly because I had such strong feelings for her.
Me and her went through a lot together I knew her for almost two years but dated her for one year and three months during that year we grew in love she was in high school and was just full of life she was the answer to my prayers and I never wanted to let go of her which was completely selfish of me but I was in love and she was the light of my darkness.
Anyways, a year passed we went through a lot like losing family members and giving her the courage to finish her years in high school years and giving her confidence in herself that she didn’t find when I first met her. (Its kind of getting hard to write this now..)
Okay.. so after everything we were like any other normal couple we rarely ever fought I would say we only had two real fights in our relationship. But as growing to know her we were hardcore in love, right? So we planned a lot of things like any other couple would like, where we’d live, where we’d travel to, how many children we wanted, what our goals were ect; you get the picture. She wanted everything with me and I loved her to pieces. I adored her.
So at the end of 2015 she was eager to talk to me on webcam and I would always make excuses. Even though I was dying to hear her voice, see her face expressions and her beautiful smile. I just couldn’t.
But in the beginning of 2016 she asked if I was a catfish and I totally was scared shitless and denied it but later on, on that same exact night I told myself to stop fucking around and tell her the truth so I did. I sat down wrote her a email telling her everything, I told her everything about myself and why I did it and what happened and why I wanted to tell her. I knew I was going to lose her at this point and I was bawling the whole time I wrote that email I knew it was the last time I was going to hear from her or was going to be able to call her mine. It took me a fair hour to write it and I damn well just closed my eyes and sent it to her. I never wanted to catfish again because I was in love with her.

So after I sent that email I knew she was going to be heartbroken and everything else. She responded though with a simple few words “I don’t know what to say.” and that truly broke me.. I wanted to make things work with her I knew she needed the time and space so, I delivered it to her no matter how painful it was. She then decided to date someone else knowing she was still in love with me and it fucking hurt so much to see her with that guy.

Sad thing was I knew he was going to break her heart too but, she fell in love with him they only dated for a month went to prom with him ect.. Which was suppose to be me I was denial seeing her with him and didn’t believe it for a little while. Me and her talked back and forth briefly for a little while but it was never the same.. You could feel the distance and everything and it just made you wanna curl up and wanna cry for a lifetime. I sound pretty dramatic right now I know, but honestly.. I’m still in love with her.. I feel like she was the one for me that she was the love of my life. I would have gave up my dreams for her and everything else. I know people say this and most of the time don’t mean it but I would have died for that girl like literally. I wanted a future with her I wanted everything.. :/
So after we broke up I met this girl shortly after she was kind and funny a tad unstable but had good intentions.. She listened to me and for the first time I told my story and she listened and she saw both sides to the story she was my shoulder to cry on for a little while and I trusted her with so much and she accepted the real me. I then got the courage to tell the people I catfished what happened and most of the accepted me and seen no difference in me and to this day we still talk. On the other hand the girl I fell hardcore in love with grew hatred towards me after the sadness went away.. The one who wanted everything with me hated me and wanted karma to get me ect; she was the first person I ever came out too because I loved and trusted her enough to do all of that.
Hey, I’m not saying that catfishing is good or bad people have there ways of expressing and I don’t judge upon that I’ve grew and learned many people have masks some just do it differently. I know the harm I did to that girl and that she may not ever fully forgive me and that she will harden herself towards people but, that was her choice honestly. Everyone is different and I get that.. Someone you want to spend the rest of your life with could think nothing of you the next day because of mistakes and then you gotta learn to live without them.. I truly believe though sometimes you can find “love” and fall deeper then ever and that you want that happily ever after but sometimes there’s someone out there who will love you, for you. I supposedly have found that.. Yep that’s right, you know that girl who listened to my story and was fully honest to her? She’s my new girlfriend I’ve known her for six months and have dated her for five and we’ve had many bumps in our relationship but I’m truly finding out what real love is. As the REAL me.
I really hope the girl I catfished finds happiness she deserves and hell, if one day in our new lives we meet each other and are meant to be, then so be it I believe in fate and destiny unlike her.. aha and I hope one day she will go back to being herself the true and beautiful person she is. The person I knew. I know love changes people but still.. I will honestly always love her despite everything that has happened.


  1. I can’t believe no one has commented. I completely relate to you story.

  2. hi bro
    im 17 rn and i have been catfishing since i was 13
    and rn i am on the edge idk what to do …i have long story and idk if anyone will listen
    btw im sorry man im scared rn about what to do i cant do this anymore and i dont wanna break her heart


  4. hey, people are here to help, you cant hate your life because we love you, you may not know who we are, who i am, but trust me, and believe me when i say; there are people who are suffering with worst, you don’t know what goes on in anyone’s life but your own. and never lose hope, whenever you feel like you will, remember that there are people who are suffering more than you do, there are, people who care for you, people who will do anything just to see your pretty smile, hear your amazing laugh, and see you happy. and if you’re keeping so much in just talk to someone or write down, draw scribble, turn down your feelings and emotions and negativity into something creative. xx

  5. i relate completely. i came clean a few days ago and she hates me and blocked me on everything and called me a psychopath. i will never be happy again

  6. The fuck think about them don’t be so selfish it’s their heart y’all are playing with too.

  7. Wow stumbling across this post made me realise that people who cat fish have some serious issues. I was catfished numerous times by a ex I knew it was him I just wanted to see how far he would go.themore it happened the more I was confused as I never dreamt this person would be such a weirdo I no this mite sound harsh but it was hard for me knowing the truth I didn’t understand it when they were telling little stories that didn’t add up any of course how could a stranger no so much ??! I was intrigued by it but I was hurt badly by there actions it was absolutely mortifying I couldn’t believe it that this person I had a connection for woukd do so much shit to me going as far as cat fishing me at my own work then his reply was oh I lost my phone or somthing insane like that I forgive that person but I won’t forget or ever understand the real deal i hope one day they will get help .

  8. I’m crying because I can relate so much. She know that I’m a “he” but I’m actually a she. I’ve been really trying to find the courage to tell her but I can’t. I’m not a transgender nor thinking about being a trans, I’m still questioning my sexuality. 🙁

  9. I can relate, I really want to come clean to this guy that I fell in love with, and he loves me too, but I don’t have the guts to say it, he’s not the only one I’ve been lying to so if I come clean, I’ll have to do it to everyone and I don’t want hate and just want to kms

  10. I’m 13 currently and have grown up way, way too fast. Like my brain is as advanced as an elderly person, minus all the educational intellect like mathematics that I’ve yet to learn. I told this guy I was 17 when we met, and he was 20. I used my pictures and name, but my age was different. I’ve been talking to him for a year now and I know people will think I’m insane, messed up, unstable, I know. I feel so guilty for not telling him I’m a lot younger than he is but if I do he will leave and he’s the only person who understands me. If he leaves I’m afraid I’ll have no one left to live for, and I’m not just being dramatic as I say this, my heart is being crushed whilst I write this paragraph. He’s so different than everyone else, truly one of a kind and I think he’s my soulmate.

  11. This story brought me so much encouragement. I suffer from low self esteem which caused me to catfish a guy that I fell completely in love with. I catfished him on tinder and we began talking and voice calling through a messenger app. He just found out that I was a catfish and I got so scared that I just deleted my account on the messenger app. I’m so heartbroken now and miserable now. I’m sure he has already moved on with his life. I mean he’s, handsome, very successful, intelligent, and will have no problem getting a girl. But me, I’m left alone and more sad than ever. I understand why people catfish. I feel like catfishers should not be judged, but in the end we’re really just hurting ourselves. Thanks for sharing your story!

  12. I catfished my soulmate. I told him 3 months in and he understood, granted it took a while for it to get back to normal between us. But now we’re married and have been traveling together for close to three years. Remember guys if they love you they will understand you made a mistake. Even though it may take awhile. Have faith.

  13. I cat fished my friend for 7 years she just found out on Saturday who I really was. Why I did it cause ever since I seen her I feel in love and when I started to talk to her she was having it hard she was working 2 jobs and she rarely had any time with her baby I decided to make up this guy that I accidentally texts her told her my fake name age and that I had a kid. For 7 yrs I suported her and her daughter she didn’t have to work anymore. I had to lie a lot deep shit so I couldn’t meet up with her I regret it lying to her but she found out she told me not to ever contact her so I told her I needed to talk with her and if we can meet up at first she said ok then later she text me to rott. I love her and it’s been 6 days of us talking sleeping on the phone enjoying watching tv together laughing. We got along so well we had a lot in common. My love for her was real and it’s still is. I tried looking for her she didn’t want to she was going to call the police if I didn’t leave. I’m heart broken but al she said I was a crazy ass bitch

  14. Hey, I’m 18 and I understand you completely. So recently I started catfishing. I’m a male, I’m financially well, have good looks, I’ve had a lot of girlfriends and what not. And keep in mind, I have been roleplaying on social media since I was 13. And I recently just started catfishing because curiosity hit me and I was like “What does it feel like to be a girl?” Then I started roleplaying with this girl as this “Catfish” like 3 months ago. She got sad one day due to her personal problems and I asked if she wanted to share with “me”. She started sharing things with me and told me things no one ever knew. And I fell in love with her, a deep love as the catfish and she fell in love too.
    Now she and the catfish me have been in a serious relationship for the past two months and I am very sure she is real and she hasn’t yet asked to video chat because she is extremely shy and I feel like I still have a chance before it is too late. I feel so guilty that I’m deceiving her and I just want to talk it out to her, I don’t know how. I’m already in so deep.

  15. I came clean to the dude I catfished and fell utterly in love with in March of last year. We talked as friends off and on for a couple years, I always pushed him away when he would catch feelings for obvious reasons. But eventually, he made me fall for him, I didn’t want to but I couldn’t help it, I found out he was everything I wanted. And Not a day goes by I don’t think of him. He wishes me well, but also hopes he haunts me for the rest of my life. Both sides of the sword is what I get, is how he explains it. So there’s that.

  16. I just told the man I love and want in my life forever I was catfishing him for the past 2 months we’ve been together a couple hours ago and hopefully when he wakes up and sees the message I can hopefully get a final goodbye but I’m also aware that’s a fat chance of that happening

  17. This encouraged me to tell the guy I catfished. He kept his promise when he said he’d love me regardless of my age, gender or appearance. Now, we’re happily together and in love, planning out our future together and everything. Thank you. He accepted me.

  18. I have been catfishing this girl for 4 years now. It started out in a texting app, I wasn’t looking for anything I just created a male profile and went in. I’m a 17 year old female and I’ve always felt like I wanted to be a guy. But then again, I don’t feel like im transexual since I’m kind of okay being a girl as well, that might not make any sense but that’s how I feel. Anyways, I fell in love with that girl and we dated for a year but then we broke up. We are still broken up but we keep texting because we still love each other and can’t let go. I’ve catfished her with numerous account’s, creating this whole world around me. Now that I look back to it, I feel like an actual madman and I can’t believe I’ve done this for so long. She wants to FaceTime all the time and actually meet up, but of course I can’t because I’m not this 20 year old guy she thinks I am. I know I should leave her alone and I’m trying to work on it, I’m so lonely in real life.

  19. idk if yall gonna see this comment bc its been two years since this was posted,well i catfish too, im 14, i started when i was around 11 and im sick of it, i wanna stop but i feel like my real life is not interesting, im so lonely, i really need help

  20. guys i can totally relate to one of the comments of her being comfortable as a girl but also catfishes as a guy. I want to come clean to this girl but I am not sure how I have really fallen in love guys im 15 and this girl means the world to me but idk how to break it to her. Im so confused about my sexuality. if you have any advice please reach out to me at Nintendon’t#6405 on discord.

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