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I never thought that I would have the intention to kill somebody

To kill.

I once thought of murderers to be insane thinking “how can they do that?” I never thought that I would have the intention to kill somebody. Thinking of poisoning, choking, stabbing, etc.. and it was to kill some of my friends. I have a girl she is my everything buy my friend did something that pushed me to my limit they were my brothers and yet they betrayed me. My mind is something else it assumes things that people had done and is always right. I heard some stuff about ill-natured things and saw them concealing something then I noticed their action then the feeling that something is happening through their malicious minds. I just need to confirm the stuff that I assumed. I confirmed it with a little slip of the tongue.
I knew that loathsome thoughts were in his mind. That time I’m feeling uneasiness. Seeing them laugh at such foul acts that they did made me feel miserable. Betrayed by the people whom I treated as Brothers I became furious I wanted to Kill them. I was thinking of stabbing then getting the gun of my grandfather pushing them so that they will be hit by a vehicle poisoning them gouging their eyes my mind was full of heinous things. I never thought I would be thinking such atrocious things. Until now it’s still not resolved I WANT THEM DEAD….. but I cannot kill.

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  1. hey, people are here to help, you cant hate your life because we love you, you may not know who we are, who i am, but trust me, and believe me when i say; there are people who are suffering with worst, you don’t know what goes on in anyone’s life but your own. and never lose hope, whenever you feel like you will, remember that there are people who are suffering more than you do, there are, people who care for you, people who will do anything just to see your pretty smile, hear your amazing laugh, and see you happy. and if you’re keeping so much in just talk to someone or write down, draw scribble, turn down your feelings and emotions and negativity into something creative. xx

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