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I fell pregnant at 14. Thanks for staying with me

When i was 14 years old, I loved someone who was 15. We fell in love so we started going on a dates secretly. On our third date, we went to a an old hotel like we just asked for a room their and payed 20 $ and they gave it to us without asking our ages. So we went and had sex together. We stayed for 5 hours having sex together. Then after 2 months, my period was not coming and after 3 months I told him he was so supportive. We went to the same hotel and he did bring pregnancy test and we waited in the bathroom for the result. It was positive. Then I got scared that I am pregnant and I am 14 years old. He was shocked, so he came near me and gave me a kiss on my lips.  It went for like 3 min and I was shocked about his reaction. He told me “it’s okay, I am with you and I will never ever leave you”. So we planed to tell our parents. Our parents were so happy that I am pregnant, and now I live with him in the same room. We moved to LA and we live our life happily and now I am in the 7 month 🙂 I want to thank my boyfriend who didn’t leave me and he moved with me, and also I want to thank our parents that they were so supportive 🙂

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