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My dream is to be a successful Engineer

“My name is Olajide Abiola Opeyemi, first born in the family of seven, 31 years old, male, single, no kids from Nigeria.
My dream is to be a successful Engineer in the field of water and environmental engineering, helping people in my locality, region, and Africa to solve natural disasters related to water for example flood and drought. And other challenges arise to people living in water lodge areas. But this dream is fading due to unemployment issue i am facing and the economy status of my country Nigeria.
I graduated in the year 2008 at the age of 23 with second class lower division in Agricultural Engineering. After three years without job, the situation in my family is not that smooth, my father is a retiree, not been paid his monthly pension for five years now, and my mother is a teacher, the only source of income in the family. So we thought, I should go back to school for master degree, which I went with the help of my mother. I graduated with second class upper division in the field of soil and water engineering. With the master certificate and good results, still no job. Effort wasted, hopeless case, emotionally depress and getting slimmer everyday due to over thinking and worries.
January second, this year (2016), I calm myself and think of way forward because I can’t just give up without trying. Although unemployment is a terrible case in the country but people with just ordinary diploma certificate from western world (Europe, United State, Canada e.t.c) get jobs. So I decided to search for universities in Europe, US, Canada and so on that have low tuition fee or scholarships for African students, though it is very competitive.
After months of searching and applying, i was admitted to Masters Program in Geotechnical and hydraulic Engineering, Graz University of Technology, Graz, Austria. The tuition fee is 726 euros per semester, student union fee 18 euros per session, accommodation fee 252 euros per month and student health insurance 60 euros per month. My mother wanted to assist me through loan in her school but she didn’t have the financial strength to apply for loan anymore because the Federal government have devalued Naira (Nigeria Money) and civil servants in my state( Osun state) are been paid half salaries every month for past 12 months now, even the half salaries are not regular (once in two months).
I am seeking financial assistance from people to finance my study at Graz University of Technology, Austria. I am not a lazy type nor selfish and i want to have a positive impact on my community, region and Africa as a whole.
Thanks for reading and I hope you can help give my dream strength to become real.

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