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I entered this world as an only child

I entered this world as an only child. Yay me… Though I did not know I would be the one to have to put up with 2 individuals that always caused problems amongst our family. Those two were my parents. I had a loving family but I didn’t have a loving “base” family. My dad always bought me; on the other hand, I was close to my mom. We are the ones that could relate. Things have always been bad amongst my parents but they have never decided to get a divorce. I thinks it’s the simple fact that deep down my mom would like to help my father. My father is individual that think money rules, that love is dumb, and dictating and jealousy is the way to live life. My mom is caring, respectful, and loving. Not a day goes by for her to put everyone else before herself.
My family always gets in fights…. Fights about money, accusations, or just little things that really do not need to be argued over. Then there’s me. Always on the side of everything…. Having to choose a side if I want a happy family. I’m about to go off to college but things keep getting worse. I’m to the point where I don’t even wanna go cause I know one of my parents is going to be incredibly hurt one day. I am the one that stopped a lot of the fights because I would scream at them or throw something in their face that would make them think before saying more. Although I couldn’t be happier that I finally get to go away from it for awhile… But I know it will be there when I return. Is there a such thing as having parents get along?

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  1. Now I’m 24 and the happy wife and mother of a 7 month baby girl. I have a very understanding husband which make me feel life is worth it…

    But my childhood is more like a ruined one by my parents and relatives. My parents, as they never loved each other and fought in front of me and my elder brother. My relatives as they never tried to consider behaving to me by my age. I was never a thief,but I became a thief in front of my relatives at age of 1 years when they found me holding a small video game device which we didn’t actually buy but somehow ended up in my hands from the exhibition site. At age of about 8 years, I became cousin elder sister to a baby girl and her mother once claimed me to be a thief when the baby’s golden earrings were found missing. She came to my house and searched and I promised that I never even have seen those earrings.i felt really sad that i was blamed for nothing i never did or even thought about plus i was born in a rich family. she left not believing my words but god almighty brought the real culprit to light and it was her servant.

    At the age of 10, I used to play with the then 3 year old baby sister but her mother and my grandma used to make fun of me playing claiming it as a sign of immaturity. At that age, the word maturity was unknown to me and I used to wonder what maturity really means and why they made fun of me.

    When I was 13, my uncle got a baby boy and my cousin baby sister was then 5 and used to play with the little baby,nobody had a problem,I also never cared.when she was 10 also she played with him and nobody complained,they said she was a kid(remember I was not treated like a kid at that same age. I used to remind her mother and my grandma that I wasn’t a kid in your eyes when I was her age.

    At the age of 13, both these people used to compare me to really older girls having behavioural problems claiming I’m immature like them and I’ll turn out to be like them when I’m older. This made me feel like something was actually wrong with me and I wondered what to do, I was afraid of being laughed at, I was confused doing what I desire would turn out to be something immature, the result was that I became more silent and not sure of myself to even talk or even sing a song which I was really good at. I was from there on never able to make good lifetime bonding with friends and I made friends online with strangers and even fell in love.I ended up with a broken heart as they weighed sex at higher value than love and what I valued more was love and not sex.I’ve never met them and what they misused was my mind and never my body,I was safe.

    I met people who inspired me during my studies,my good friends… And my bestest friend for life whom I got through an arranged marriage. He is my teacher now and with his assistance,I’m trying to walk life with no restrictions and taste real happiness. My baby does adds to my happiness and I’m able to forget my darkest past. I’m now an enjoyer of the present and I hope that the future will be more better….

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