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I am tired living this life

I am tired living this life am living. My name is Arminda Mhlanga from Gauteng, Midrand. I grew up in a very poor family, my mother died when I was young and I was the older girl so I had to step up and be the mother to my siblings. So I started sleeping around with men with cars so that I can support my family. While I was busy doing that, I met a guy from Kwa-zulu Natal by the name of Bongani Ngcongo. He was a taxi driver and he was a player. I dated him and I found out that he didnt love me and he got another girl pregnant by the name of Makoma Modise from Limpopo. I was so hurt, then I used muti for them to be seperated then Bongani left his the girl with unborn child we now stay together but I have the fear that they will one day get back together.

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