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I watched my best friend killing his sisters’ boyfriend at 15

My name is Devin Scott and when I was 10 I had to go identify my older brothers dead body. When I was 15 my best friend killed his sisters boyfriend and I watched. I never had the best childhood moving from home to place I stayed temporarily. It was hard I don’t even know my own biological brothers or father all I know is that there is a high chance of all off us being drug baby’s. I don’t care how people see me anymore. Even three their parent therapists asked me how come I haven’t killed myself yet and trust me I tried OD, hanging, cutting up my arms anything I could think of but I lived through it all. It’s not easy to focus or sometimes just to smile. Somethings that do come easy now is work, exercise, and cry myself to sleep. So even if you had a rough day just remember someone probably had it worse.

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  1. Hi Devin, I know life is hard. It disappoint us, frustrate us in so many different ways . But it’s life, we get only one chance to live it. Every day is a new day, what happened yesterday is in the past now. we should just forget it and move on. because whatever we do, the people don’t give a shit about our feelings. so why do we care about them? forget what happened, forget what people say. It’s your life, try and be happy. all the best.

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