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When I was seven my only friend was my cat

When I was seven my only friend was my cat. Her name was Meg. She was around before I was born so she was my family. Anyway… I had to move school because my older sister was getting bullied at school. When we moved it was my birthday and I had no friends. No one liked or knew me, it sucked. One day I came back home from school I had just made a friend and I was so happy. Then I found out Meg had stomach cancer and she had to be put down. I was crushed. My world crumbled around me. I lost everything in a blink of an eye. When she was out down I lost my friend and I was alone once again.

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  1. I had a cat named Ally, and she was my only friend growing up. I ended up meeting new people, making strong relationships and growing up, but she was still my rock. Luckily she lived through most of my childhood, but the year after she died was the worst of my life. I had an abusive relationship (was raped) and felt completely disconnected from the world. I had friends, but none could have understood what I was going through. I just wanted someone to hug, and up until then it had always been Ally.
    She died of an eye tumour, and she was put down too.

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