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Weird stuff has been happening in my house

Now you don’t have to believe me, but weird stuff has been happening in my house, and I think that it is paranormal. Here we go! So it started last week, and it was the upstairs of my house. I was up in my room painting my nails and singing, I was never really afraid of ghosts, mostly because I am extremely Christian. It started to rain, and I had Astraphobia, so I was just going to finish up and go down stairs. The rain was quiet, so I could here almost everything clearly. I heard a few what seemed like whispers, but ignored them. Then out of the blue, I hear a loud hissing noise. I was in shock for a second, trying to process what happened, but then ran down stairs to my mom. My brother was just coming up the stairs to see what was happening. I wasn’t crying, but there were tears in my eyes. My brother went up to see what was there, but he didn’t find anything. The next few days weren’t any better, I slept in the same room as my mom that one night and made sure to close all the doors in case my dog went up there. We only left our door open though. The next morning, I awoke from a nightmare about two messed up Brazilian serial killers. I looked out the door into the hallway and immediately woke my mom up. The two doors we closed were now open, and it has been happening for a week now, and I have had recurring nightmares a few times in a row. And here is the scariest part, just last night I was about to use the washroom, and that connects to the bedroom. I walked in and mind you the windows reach out the the backyard, and the blinds are closed. But I see a bright flicker of light from under the bed. I will update sometime, but only if anything else happens. -AJ

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