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The hardest part is seeing him fight for his life

Matthew Campbell, a 33 year old loving husband, son, brother and uncle in mid April 2016 was diagnosed with flu and pneumonia and started treatment. After a few days of taking medications he was getting worse. With much persistence from his wife and family he decided to go to Our Lady of the Lake Hospital. Upon arriving x-rays and labs were done and the doctors realized Matthew in fact was not responding to the previously prescribed medications so he was admitted. Approximately 24 hours later his body begin to shut down and the medical team could not understand why the new set of x-rays that was taken now showed that both lungs were completely filled with fluid. While waiting to be moved to ICU Matthew stood to go less than 3 feet to the restroom. That was the moment his nightmare became very real. Matthew could no longer breathe and that is the first time the medical team saved his life. When the transfer to the ICU was complete a call to his mother by Kaylee and the doctor was made asking how quickly could she make it to the hospital because Matthew had to be placed on life support. The mother’s response was one hour because she was returning to Louisiana from picking his sister up from Mississippi to be by Matthew’s side. Less than 30 minutes had passed and she received the call that no mom ever wants to receive….The doctor was on the other line telling her that they could not wait because Matthew would not survive those few 30 minutes it would take for her to be by his side. Matthew was at that moment put on life support.

The hardest part is seeing him fight for his life but he must rely on a machine to do the fighting for him.
The doctors have absolutely no clue as to why a healthy 33 year old is now on life support Fighting2Breathe and live. Lab work has not given the doctors an explanation and may never. We have been told that Matthew will have memory loss and will need physical therapy to learn the basics again. We have also been told that with the extreme dosages of so many medications he would likely have hallucinations that may last a short time or a lifetime.

We hope and pray that with the proper rehabilitation, Matthew will be able to regain his ability to breathe on his own without a ventilator. Our goal is to raise the funds necessary to offset Matthew’s growing medical costs.

You could make a huge difference in Matthew’s Fight2Breathe by donating to his cause today. Please click on the Donation link and spread the word using your Facebook page to tell your friends and family about Matthew. We thank you for considering to give to Matthew’s cause and whether you are able to contribute now or not; we ask that you keep Matthew in your prayers.

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