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I’m so scared hes gonna break up with me

I am having trouble understanding why hes distanced himself. Not quiet distancing but just not as interested as he was before. I’m so scared hes gonna break up with me I’m not sure if I’m doing something I mean I know I can be annoying to him I guess that’s what he says but he’s the one that picks the fights. I try and try to be extra nice and do extra little things to show that I love and care for him but he just gets upset and says it’s annoying or just doesn’t take me seriously. But then when I act like how he does (not caring) he gets mad and asks why I’m being a bitch. I can never seem to do anything right.

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  1. try to understand him he probably going through a rough time or he has lots of pressure on him.maybe he doesnt share his problem with you and the best u can do is by being there for him… try to understand him and slow talk to him when u guys are relaxing and tell him how much he mean to u and how he makes u happy and such.. that can help him be relax and open to u… Good Luck 🙂

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