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I finished the sixth grade where I was forced to say goodbye to my friends

My mom and dad live in separate states, every school holidays I would go by plane to see him and his family, including my half sisters and niece. In early January 2015, after a traumatic visit with my dad, I got of the plane I walked right up to mom and said “Mom I want to go home.” Instead of “Aww I missed you sooo much!” One month later it was my twelfth birthday. My dad had completely ignored it. No card, no phone call etc. I wasn’t too surprised because for an unknown reason he had not called me at all. After 6 months of this neglection, I slowly suffered depression. Mom took me to counselling and he suggested I get… a) a diary b) a step dad. Mom’s friends were encouraging her to do so. So she joined online dating and meet a man who lived far away from where me and mom lived. They dated for about a year when he asked mom to move in with him. She said yes. I finished the sixth grade where I was forced to say goodbye to my friends as I had to move schools. Not only did I move schools, I moved environments. From the big city to the hills. Suddenly I have a step sister, step brother and step dad. Mom has not been happier in years. I hate it! My new school has more cons then pros and when I told my friends about my abandonment, they started making jokes about me walking into the boys bathroom when I’m a girl. A few weeks ago, I cut myself on my lower belly till it bleed. I am now 13 years old and have been cursing my dad for the pain he has given me for, one year and 7 months now. My name is Marley. I will get through this. My way. I just have to figure out what “My way” is.

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