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I am in love with my best friend

I am in love with my best friend. It sucks I know, the sad part is I know that I will never tell him, not because he has the hottest most kind adorable lovely sweet girlfriend who is madly in love with but becauseĀ I am a cowerd, I mean who wants to lose their best friend. I love how he makes me feel, he is always there for me, he understands me. I mean no one could keep up with a girl who is depressed, anxious about literally everything and who cuts herself. He just get me and I really hate to think that we will never be a thing. Should I tell him?


  1. I don’t think what you are feeling is wrong … founding someone who understands you is soo hard nowadays..
    Although I felt your sadness I want to be honest with you..I did not like the way you talked about your self …
    I don’t know you But I AM SURE you are better than what you think …

    I hope you will find happiness. .and it always starts from within you

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