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I greeted him with smile and was about to shake his hand.

I am Rohith (Name changed) working as a Software Engineer, last year I had changed company and the joining date in the new company was on 10th March 2015. I have started working at the new company and one month has already passed, I am still waiting for the project to work on.
Our Manager Name changed (Vital) one day came to my desk and asked to prepare for the client interview and shockingly the interview is in 2 days. I am not aware what questions I would be asking and how to prepare. A few of my colleagues have already got through the client interview. I have gathered details from them and prepared myself for the interview and got selected finally.
KT process started for the project and I use to update the daily status to the client through video conference. Our Project Manager who was in the onsite for 3 months returned back to India. After he return back, he took three days off at office. I am not seen him before as I joined the company 2 months ago. I am eager to see him in the office and finally the day came.
Real Story Begins and the Miracles done by me from the Grace of Lord Narasimha Swamy:
When I saw my Project Manager (Mohan), I greeted him with smile and was about to shake his hand.
When I moved my hand to shake, he took support from other hand to shake, then immediately I noticed he has a severe problem. I have observed for 2 days, over to my shocking, I noticed other problem in him was leg crosses while walking. I have one good friend (AKV) whom I share my personal things to him. initially he took it as a joke. I and my friend went to Project Manager, discussed something about the project and suddenly, I asked him about the problem in his hand and legs. Firstly, he reluctant to discuss on the topic, he saw my face has become dull, then he slowly started sharing the problem, he is suffering from Major Arthritis and It is in advance stage as it is spreading to the legs as well.

Immediately, I have given promise to my PM that I can cure this problem in 10 min. He was asking whether I am not joking, even my friend beside me was shocked to listen the statement. I told PM, tomorrow come early to office, you will see the miracle, he nodded his head, and I can guess he is still not trusting what I am saying. After discussion we came to our desk and my friend came to me and saying how I can give such promise, if fail to cure him tomorrow then he will treat you as a joke, I just smiled and kept quiet. The next day me and my friend came to office early and waited for PM to come, my friend came and saying please don’t make your self-joke, I said follow me and check what will happen. Our PM came somewhat late to office, I asked my friend and PM Manager to come Balsaum room. There I told him to remove the shoes, he took it, and I told him to close his eyes, He did it. I touched his hand and prayed for 5 min and after then I asked him to open his eyes and check. He was shocked and moving his hand wherever he wants to and he asked me how did I do that, then I explained the story which I mentioned on Facebook. My friend surprised and believed what I told him till now, from them I have done many miracles in office but not known to many.
If you feel this story is the truth, please let me know, I can share some more, I done in office and Onsite place.

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