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It kills me inside. I’m just so used to being used

It’s so close to two years and we have given up. I can’t stop crying and my heart aches with so much pain. I have never have felt this way about someone before I’m just so used to being used or taken advantage of by others and when I finally find that one person who was going to love me for me it all goes down the drain. I trusted this person, I gave up basically my whole life for this person and I don’t think they understand what I go through it kills me inside, wishing and hoping this all goes away soon. I’m not a strong person I try to be when I can but when it’s all said and done I’m always sad and full of doubt. I wish that the pain will go away.

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  1. I’m sorry love. Going through the same thing as I type. It’s hard, but keep in mind that tomorrow is a new day, the future holds new faces, and the love you should have for yourself will be what keeps you smiling through trials like this. Keeping you in my thoughts

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