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My fake friends will feel happy that I am in a bad place

Everything is upsetting about my life. I am a capricorn, I always see people are jealous of me and nobody wants to be my good friend. They tease me with words, try to copy and paste what I do but give credits to other girls. I am beautiful and they also have a problem agreeing to that. I stay very humble with everyone, they think I am not a posh girl and I am too traditional. If I then go too posh, they say there are way more beautiful girls than you. Which ever way it is people want to always comment me. I don’t know how to be social. My life is one pain in the ass. I make good friends sometimes at least those who can last until you both have common work. I went to the US for my masters and there I had roommates from whom I made one fine friend but I got breathing problem and left the US and came back. Now I am at home sitting with a 2 year gap after my BS in Electronics searching for jobs and I am not sure if I will get one. I am too shy to ask anyone for recommendations because my fake friends will feel happy I am in a bad place and enjoy it. I don’t want to talk to anyone I feel so down. I always make friends and I have to lose them because my life turns so bad every time. Every time some shameful thing happens. When I scored a 10/10 the list was not displayed and nobody knew but every other time when I got less the marks list were displayed. OMG why does my life hurt me so much. How will people approach and talk to me if my life is shown like she is a loser? I am not. How can I tell the world. First thing is I look too good so half the girls don’t want to talk out of jealousy and the rest of the boys are too since I don’t entertain them to touch me playfully like other girls do BASICALLY I AM A GOOD GIRL WITH GOOD HEART AND I WANT TO WIN PEOPLE LIKE THIS AND I DON’T LIKE MAKING TEMPORARY FRIENDS WHO APPROACH ONLY WHEN I AM GOOD AT SOMETHING, EVEN IF AM. MEANWHILE SOMETHING WITH MY HEALTH OR ANYTHING HAPPENS INTERRUPTS ME FROM ACHIEVING MY GOALS AND PEOPLE THINK SHE WAS FAKING HER INTELLIGENCE AND CHARMING PERSONALITY AND THEY STOP TALKING TO ME HESITANTLY.


  1. And you also care and appreciate people a lot, while non of them seem to have any interest in you right? They won’t talk to you if you don’t talk to them? What about if one of them had any problems, you would help them wouldn’t you, but if you had a problem would anyone help you? To me, all my friends always turned their backs on me when I had a problem, when I myself never turned my back to even to people I didn’t know. From what I read from the things you wrote, you are dealing with many of the same things I am, this is very interesting. I don’t understand one thing about life, why loving and caring people, are not as much appreciated as everyone else.

  2. I understand that there are many people like me who are facing the same problems like me n u r one f dem…I dislike being used and want to make real friends than temporary friends but none of them are interested either out of jealousy or because I’m less famous….I’m a singer but I wasn’t ever appreciated for my talent because most of them thought if they did,I would be happy and its almost like they have to agree that I’m better than them…

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