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On the first night in our new home things just weren’t right.

I used to live in a pretty decent flat. But I just wanted a house for me and my daughter. You know, I thought that having a garden and a few pets would be nice for us. Little did I know that it would be the biggest mistake of our lives. On the first night in our new home things just weren’t right. The atmosphere was just dead. It was almost too quiet. Then suddenly my daughters pram was pushed over, there was nobody there. Then I noticed the small things kept happening. The football was kicked from one side of the kitchen to the other. I would have small objects thrown at me and pictures pushed off the window sills. That wasn’t even the worst part. The neighbour was a complete cow. She used to harass me, notes were pushed through the door. She threatened to report me to the council for stupid things and always asked me a million questions when she saw me. She reported me to the RSPCA for no reason. Used to chuck litter on my garden and kick the bins over when I went out. Then one evening, I came home to find masking tape over my front door. She used to put spikes on her fence so that my cats couldn’t jump over, and talk about me to the other neighbours. I really hated her. I called the authorities in and they did nothing, the police or the council. I had enough and eventually gave up the house. I now live at my mother’s. It’s strange to say but I’ve never been more settled and happy. I wish I never left my old flat.

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