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I am 20, living in Sydney and I am alone

I’m a 20 year old girl living in Sydney, Australia and for the last 10 months and I regret every second of it. All my relatives here are stabbing my back every chance they get by lying and making stories to my parents that are still living overseas.
My brother came a few weeks ago and I thought we were going to stay together for a little while but no he found another place to live and now I’m alone again. Not to mention how he always puts me down, even if that’s on purpose or not.
I have no friends here and even if I had I wouldn’t be able to trust them, after all my own family is treating me bad.
I want to return to my country but I’ve already started studying here and I can’t just leave everything and go back even though I want it so bad.
All my life is back there, here I’m just a nobody that everyone wants to destroy.
What should I do?
Go back to my country and have no future there but have my friends and family or stay here have a future without anyone?

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  1. hello there, nice to meet you. i can be your friend and i hope i can help you. sorry i can’t talk too much here but if you want to have a conversation i always be available. here is my email : , have a nice day 🙂

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