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I’m an ordinary person sometimes a weird one

This is my first time posting something like this but there’s always a first in everything. Right? So here goes…

I’m an ordinary person sometimes a weird one. Nothing about me is eye catching or worth boasting. I’m an introvert most of the times but an extrovert when I’m comfortable with that person but that is not the point cause lately, I feel so unattached. I feel so alone and more confused as ever. I have friends, yes, but sometimes I just feel like an outcast. Life, really, is full of mysteries. A few months from now, I’ll be graduating from college and will be entering the real world. There’ll be no classmates or friends that’ll help you pass a certain subject because real world is when you’re on your own and that fucking scares me. I don’t even know if this path I’m taking is what I really want. I DON’T EVEN KNOW WHAT I WANT! The people that surrounds me think I got my whole life planned ahead when in reality, I don’t even know where to start or what my life’s outcome will be or can I just say, It’s pitch black. I know a lot of people out there or even you can relate to this-can relate to me. The time given to me, when I was young, on what path should I take was never enough. I don’t know if it’s too late to change course. Maybe for some it isn’t but for some it is. Either way, society has taught us, or has forcefully imprinted into our brains, to make much from what is less. But this is not just all about me. I want everybody to realize that for me, I think it’s okay if every once in a while we are unsure of where we are right now, cause one way or another we’ll just find out what’s in it for us in the long run. It may take long but it’ll be worth it.

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