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I started talking to my teacher on a dating site

Once I was stalking my teacher on social media because I have a crush on him, so while I was stalking him, I came across his dating site he had. So I looked at his profile and made one myself to talk to him. I thought I would just be on there for a day and delete the account but I ended being on their, for a whole month because things got out of hand. When I first found his dating site, I told my friends about it and they laughed, and after I suggested we should talk to him and see what happens, my friend ended talking to him more than me and the text they were sending him were flirty and stuff so he started liking the “girl” we were pretending to be. I fell bad about the whole thing because the teacher was actually really nice to me and he liked me. But my friend said it was funny and we should carry on but I ended up deleting the account anyways and I never told anyone about it. I DON’T EVEN KNOW WHAT I’LL DO IF HE EVER FOUND OUT! I FEEL SO BAD EVERY TIME I SEE HIM. I JUST WANNA TELL HIM AND SAY SORRY BUT I CANT! WHAT SHOULD I DO?

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