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My passionate encounter on how I lost my virginity

One day I was at my boyfriends house. I was there for a dinner later that night with his family, nan and pop, uncles, aunties and cousins. It was the afternoon and we had been sitting on the couch watching a movie. I got really restless so we decided to go for a walk. We ended up in the dam and went in for a wade. I kicked water up at him, turned and ran, he chased me tackled me into the water and started kissing me. I reached down, grabbed a handful of mud and rubbed it in his hair. We had a huge mud fight and got completely covered. By the time we got back to the house his mum was leaving to buy some final things for dinner and told us to both shower.
I went first. I walked into the bathroom and pulled off my muddy top and pants, leaving me just in my underwear, that’s when he walked in with a towel. He stared at my body then looked down embarrassed and apologised. He started to leave and I laughed at his reaction. He turned around, walked towards me and started roughly kissing me. He finished undressing me and took off all his clothes apart from his boxers. He leaned in, turned the shower on and started kissing my breasts while he pushed me up against the cold sink.
Then we heard his mum come back inside so he told me to hop in the shower. I could hear them talking, wondering if she was going to comment on his boxers. After a while he came back in with a condom, took it out put it on and hopped in the shower behind me.
He couldn’t get it inside me (I was a virgin) so he sat down under the shower and got me to ride him while making out passionately. After a while we stood up and tried other positions, it felt so good being pushed up against the cold tiles with the hot water running over me. We both came and I couldn’t stand because my legs were shaking, he helped me sit and told me to find him when I was recovered, then he left the bathroom.
I finally stood up, washed my hair and then hopped out got dressed did my hair and makeup ready for dinner and then left to find him.
My boyfriend forgot the condom wrapper on the bathroom floor and his older brother found it and mentioned it at dinner in front of everyone! I freaked out cause if it was at my house my dad probably would have killed him, but his family started making jokes and teasing us!
I ended up staying the night, I wore his boxers and singlet to bed (in his room).
His Mum came in and said goodnight and then his Dad came in and said ‘Jack let her sleep, she must be really tired after your day’ and winked before walking out. Then he came back and chucked a box of condoms on the bed and said ‘If you’re not sleeping just remember we are, but play safe’ and walked away laughing. The rest of his family was staying in the lounge room and we got a couple of wolf whistles and a few comments telling us to have fun!
(We had very rough sex) The next morning I had marks on my neck and my bf was just wearing boxers and me in pj’s. I was so embarrassed there was red scratch marks down his back and a couple of bruises, his whole family saw and laughed and made even more jokes like ‘jeez, you’re rough’ and ‘are you sure you can handle her jack?’
So yeah, that’s my story I wanted to share it because the sex part of it was a really memorable experience.


  1. That’s so sweet!! You’re so lucky 🙂 I wish I had someone like that!

  2. Seriously!! U r sooo lucky!! I wish i had someone like that in my life !! ??

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