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I grew up very fast. I wasn’t ready for a sexual relationship at 15

So my life In one simple story. Where do I begin, from growing up I was in care, a little due to my mum suffering from mental health issues and generally being unwell. She tried her best and was a great mum but it just got the better of her, so at 13 I went into care for good, she voluntarily gave me up knowing she was going to have an episode of her bipolar. I went thorough 3 different placements the third being my longest lasting 2 years. I grew up very fast and I had to learn all my life skills over again. I met this guy at school and I thought he was the love of my life as you do at 15. We got talking became boyfriend and girlfriend and became close. I wasn’t ready for a sexual relationship, more like an emotional distraction from my problems with mum. However he forced me into sex and other things too, it ended badly to be honest. I had a miscarriage at 15 because of stress but I never told anyone what had been going on or the fact I was even pregnant. I carried know life, then met my now husband who was a rock. He understood me, accepted my past and still seemed interested. Eventually I found out I was pregnant not long after being together and I felt joy we were really happy however. I felt my life had been rushed and that I hadn’t had the time to do things like the teenage life before I became a mum. We have never had a good relationship it’s been very up and down but I’ve stuck at it we got married a year and a half ago and had another baby near 9 months again. So life is moving forward but I somehow feel I’m not moving with it. There’s so many things I want to achieve, selfish I know but being 20, I want happiness love, fun and someone he really loves me.

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  1. Very interesting and a touchy story, such phases comes into everyones life but I must say that i was too early in your’s case because in teenage, children are not aware of the practicalities of the life. At present the phase which you are going through is quite critical. As, you have whole of your life ahead and you don’t want to end it up this way. What I reckon is to live it the way you want because you only live once ?

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