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My sister called me ugly and fat

When I was growing up, my older sister use to pick on me saying I was a freak and I didn’t belong here, I’m ugly and fat and take the micky out of how I talk. She still called me a freak through the most of my teenage years. Now I’m older, I have depression because of her bulling. I have learning difficulties and speech problems. She has a kid, my nephew, but I can’t talk to him or be an aunt to him because of what she put me through. I just can’t thought this it’s too hard. When she goes to my parents, surprises them, I don’t think of going to their house at all. I stay away, I can’t be around her. The bullying has stopped a bit but I still can’t talk to her you don’t know what her response is going to be shes just not a nice person and I don’t know how to not see her later.
My parents keep saying I have to get over it but I can’t, it’s time hard like I said I got depression because of her and I’m not going to be nice to her family when she wasn’t to me my whole life.
I only see her when I have birthdays and Christmas sometimes. I pretend she’s not there and don’t really talk to her.
What do I do to not see her ?

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