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The best news ever

The best news ever.
Is this the best news ever? I know that my story will be extremely hard to believe, but think there is an easy way you can test it.
The story I am about to tell is as unbelievable as a work of fiction, yet I believe every word. I do not expect anyone else to believe it, but I am positive that there is a very easy way it can be tested. Once you have done that, you will know that this really is The Best News Ever. So don’t even try to believe a word of what you are about to read. Instead, approach it as a work of fiction.
It started with a dream. A dream unlike any I had before. In the dream, I did not see or hear anything. It was nothing more than one, very specific feeling. I felt love. What made it so special was that the love I experienced was infinitely stronger and more powerful than anything I could ever imagine.
When I woke up the next morning I knew that my life will never be the same. I knew without a shadow of doubt that it was not an ordinary dream. On the contrary, it was more real than anything I ever experienced. So real that it felt as if I woke up and experienced reality for the first time and what I used to perceive as reality up to that moment was nothing but a vague and distant dream.
For the first few days I was overwhelmed with all kind of emotions. I had a lot of questions, but was in such a state of euphoria that I could not think clearly. The question that puzzled me most was why I, of all people, had a dream like this. I knew that I was no one special and that I never did anything that can explain why it happened to me. When I was over the initial shock I came to the conclusion that it could have happened to anyone and the fact that it happened to me was just a random accident. It was like winning a lottery without buying a ticket.
I knew that even though I was nothing special, the dream was extremely special. I felt excited and lucky but far too small and powerless to be responsible for something like this. It felt as if I received a message from some unknown origin, but I knew that I was merely the messenger. However, I had no idea what the message was. It took me a while to realize how little information the dream actually revealed to me. All I knew was that there is something out there that is infinitely bigger than man. I could not wait to tell others what happened to me, but realized that there was not much to tell. I felt like a messenger in search of a message. I decided to keep quiet and “see what I can see” before I tell it to others.
I was amazed at how much the dream changed the way I look at life. It was as if I was reading a secret book and that every day was one more page of the most beautiful story imaginable, an unwritten story that has never been told. A story hidden from all, yet clear to see and totally unexpected, yet eagerly awaited by all.
Two weeks later I felt ready to give this wonderful message to the world. To say that I was overly confident would be an understatement. I had the confidence of a mad man who is convinced that he experienced something that is infinitely more powerful than any human and all he has to do is to let mankind know of the best news ever. It was not my own capability that gave me this confidence. Instead, it was the power of the force I experienced in a dream. I was sure that the whole world would rejoice when they hear the good news and that I soon would shake hands with kings and presidents and rub shoulders with superstars. The possibility that things may not go the way I expected never occurred to me. I was filled with joy and excitement and wanted to shout the news from the rooftops.
Everything started to go horribly wrong from the moment I tried to share my secret with others. I approached friends, family and even strangers, but they all had the same reaction. No one believed a single word I said and were clearly appalled and disgusted. They all stopped me as soon as I started to talk and couldn’t wait to get rid of me. They were convinced I was mad. Everyone I knew turned their backs on me and I lost my job. Three weeks after it all started I was homeless.
That was almost twenty years ago.
I was in the street for almost a year. The only way to win back the trust of my friends and family was to admit that I went completely overboard and was under the disillusion that my dreams were real. Since then I never mentioned my mad story to anyone.
The look on the faces of the people I tried to approach all those years ago still haunts me. Today, I can honestly say that there is nothing I fear more than the possibility that people would react that way towards me again. I know that there is no chance it would happen, as long as I don’t try to tell my story. For twenty years I kept silent and my silence kept me safe. To break the silence would be to face my biggest fear. I never felt the need to be brave and would, under different circumstances, prefer never to talk about it again. However, I feel I must.
I wish I could say that what happened to me was just temporary madness and that everything is back to normal without feeling, or should I say “knowing” that I am lying. A confession I truly wish I never had to make is that I still believe I am telling the truth. To confess this would be to face my greatest fear. I never stopped believing that I have a story to tell. Actually I believe it more now than I did twenty years ago. Every day of every year that went by was merely one more page from the same secret book. If people thought I was mad after “reading” a few pages back then, they would be convinced I am a stark raving lunatic by now.
It is the same story, but so much bigger than I thought and the bigger it gets the smaller I feel. It is even more beautiful now, but even the most beautiful story in the history of the universe is nothing more than a terrible nightmare if it is completely unbelievable and known by only one small, weak and insignificant fool. The confidence I used to feel those first few weeks was soon replaced with an ever growing feeling of fear. I know now that I did not win a secret lottery, it was more like drawing the shortest stick. Instead of the lucky winner, I was the very unlucky loser.
I kept on wishing and hoping that there is another way, but after all this time I finally have to surrender to the dreadful realization that the only way people would learn about the story is if I tell it.
I am painfully aware of how unbelievable my story sounds. I don’t think there the slightest chance that anyone would ever believe me. However, they might believe themselves. That is why I decided to try to show people the secret book and give them the opportunity to read the story themselves.
I think there is a very easy and simple way to show people the book.
First, I will tell a very small part of the secret story. Don’t try to believe or even understand it at this stage.
Imagine we are all on a big, invisible ship. The ship is very smart, more intelligent than the combined intelligence of all humans. It has a destination and nothing can or will stop it from reaching this destination. It is everywhere and everything is part of it. It acts as one in all and all act as one in it. Everything that exists is part of it.
It is indestructible and timeless. It started small when time began and the progress towards its final destination is slow, but sure. It keeps on growing and is getting bigger, better and more impressive as time goes by. Humans had nothing to do with the origin of this ship but they play an important role at a later stage. Not only are we on it, we are part of it. But we are even more; we are helping to build it. This may sound as if we are blind slave workers, but we are not serving it; it serves us. We are the most important passengers on board and it is taking us to the place where we belong.
The name of the ship is Spirit
The destination of the ship is absolute perfection.
This destination will be our eternal home. Nothing that is or was is meant to last forever. Everything that can be seen today is temporary. Only absolute perfection will last eternally, what comes before that moment will seize to exist, with one exception, humans. We don’t seize to exist when we die; we merely sleep until we reach our home. When we wake up we will have brand new, perfect and eternal bodies, but will keep our names and memories. We will have the same family we had on earth.
Now we come to the key that will unlock the secret book. It might be even more unbelievable than the rest so remember not to try to believe it yet. All humans will inherit this final home. There will be no exception. All humans are pure, in-corrupted and innocent. People that did evil and corrupted deeds did it for a reason. Evil deeds were necessary. Actually, every action that has been performed by every human is necessary. We all work together as one to serve one purpose. When we reach our final destination all humans will be purified. Everything that made us bad will disappear and only the good will remain. There will be absolutely no judgement.
Now that you have the key you can read the rest of the story yourself. All you need to do is read the two books of Corinthians. That is 1 Corinthians chapter 1 up to 2 Corinthians chapter 13. The secret book is not hard to find. It will be as clear as an elephant standing right in front of you. When you are done you will either believe there is such a book or you won’t. Whatever the conclusion, you will be sure.

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