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I was 12, when my mums boyfriend fondled me and she called me a liar

I was only 12. I know some have it worse than me but I still feel useless and I want to fix it but being a new kid in school isn’t easy. I want to make a difference because when I was 12 my moms boyfriend fondled me and so did another man and when I told my mother she called me a liar and when I seen that pain in her eyes I knew I would deal with the pain for her …. So I lied … I told myself to deal with it so I tried for as long as possible but then I told cps and they told me they wouldn’t show her the video of what I had said but they did and next thing I knew my mother was yelling and cursing my name as if I were a dog .

We got in the car and she told us ” I may as well kill us all! None of my babies love me anyway! Well when we got to my grandmas house she dropped me off and told me that if I ever wanted to kill myself then I should slit my veins horizontal instead of vertically so I tried it multiple times over the years I’ve been in cps my mom visited me at first but then she eventually just stopped and gave up and I’ve never seen her again other than a few glimpses at funerals or a few words here and there. The worst feeling in the world is having a new place to call home every week!

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