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Can Money Buy Happiness?

Happiness: – As per the definition “Happiness is a mental or emotional state of well-being defined by positive or pleasant emotions ranging from contentment to intense joy.” A positive vibes or intense joy. Which we all tend to enjoy the moment or waiting for that moment where we all can we happy and share joy…. But it is not for me. ?. I had my moment which I can say I was very happy and enjoyed every moment of my life as per the definition. But the meaning for Happiness had been changed and I have understood the correct meaning of happiness from last couple of weeks. The new definition of Happiness is “Money Physical or virtual type. If you have either one of these you will definitely find Happiness” With Money you can buy that “Happiness”. So the current situation for me I cannot buy happiness as I don’t have physical or virtual money with me. So I cannot buy happiness for me. Till two weeks back I was under impression that I can be happy and share happiness with my state of mind and by sharing positive vibes.

Someone had proved my so wrong and showed me that if I want to be happy I need to have lot of money and lot of account balance to stay happy. Stay, enjoy and spend time with family is not so important and if you feel you can do it, then you are so wrong and I was proved wrong. Because I was not sharing money with every one rather I was sharing happiness and joy with my family and I really failed in that objective of sharing money. I was under impression that if as an individual if you spend time with family that would be the most joyous event and would be worth remembering for lifetime. But again I was proved wrong. Spending quality time with family is important but without money its nothing, it means you are wasting everyone’s time. As you are not spending money you are wasting your time with your family, I was so not aware about this Fact. I have learned a new lesson in my life. Money is more important than anything. With Money you can buy a “fake smile ?” a “fake Happiness ?” a “fake family ?” and all fake things that can be bought with money.

But someone needs to understand that fact. You can buy everything not a pure heart and that heart is not bias and can definitely make out what is fake and what is pure. Money can buy smile for poor who is really in need of money for his survival, money can buy happiness by buying shelter who doesn’t not have shelter, Money can buy food for that person who have not had supper for last one week. This is what Money can do or it can buy who really require it. What if you already have shelter do you still want a new shelter by saving money but not spend time with family, you can buy food but cannot eat that food if you are not hungry. You can buy all things which is required but can you buy things which is not required and waste your time to think if it is required or not. Everyone have lot of time to earn and make money but you cannot bring back that time you had already missed in the past. The time you wasted to earn money but not spend a quality time with family, the joyful time that you can enjoy with the loved ones you cannot get back that smile which was there only for you, but you had missed because you were busy running behind money. I also agree money is important in life. But only Money is not the important aspect of your life.
You can only remember those times when you were happy without having stress about the future. .i.e. College life, time spend with your friends, enjoying going movies, picnics and other stuff where you never had any stress. But those days are not going to come back ever if everyone is just running behind money and stress themselves how to make more money so they can be happy……. ?.

At this point of time I only remember one dialog from the Movie “Pyar ka Panchnama” (part 1). About happiness. It feels like it will suit every other person who is in my shoes right now. I am asking myself this question on daily basis. Does money really so important when we compare with happiness. Can’t we be happy without any stress about how we are going to earn and live a happy life? Always this questions comes up and makes me unhappy. So for me Money is not bringing me any happiness it gives me stress how I am going to survive if I don’t have money. For that what I am going to do, here I am not thinking about happiness because I or everyone is thinking about the future who is going to be a winner, in order to be happy in future do I need to spoil my present and stress myself but just worrying about my future am I doing the right thing taking all these stress? I am not so sure. I had believed that if you are happy now, enjoy your time with your family now, this moment is that moment that you can cherish for lifetime and you would not regret what you are doing with life now. But if you are now behind about your future earning and not having your quality life with your family, friends you have already missed a lot that you can’t get it in future.

My life is now in a state that I am being under so stress I can’t even be in present or think about my future nor think what I will be doing with my life but this I can surly say I am not going to be what I am today. I am going to be change this situation and I am going to live my life in my own terms and not going to curse myself in future that I have not done what I wanted to do. So I am not going to change for anyone but I am going to live a happy life with everyone with that person who have not yet understood my belief and surly I am not going to suppress my happiness for anyone who does not know how to live life and be happy. Because happiness is today it may be with you tomorrow but definitely not with money.

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