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I can’t stop thinking about you

Okay so this started in my tenth grade year well last year. It’s been three months since I haven’t been in your class. You keep coming to my mind and it needs to stop. I can’t stop thinking about you. I see something that relates to you or someone mentioned your name then it makes it even harder. I can’t be with you I can’t think like this. Your to old for me out of my range. But then there’s my heart it starts to bump when I see you in the hallway. I urge myself to look down on phone. I hope this year I just learn to forget this forever. I hope one day I look back at this and laugh how stupid I was to fall for you. The stupid things I did like walk in class early to see you. Or walk in the hallway which I know which hallway and what time. I’m so stupid for that. Most of all, look you up on Facebook and making a big mistake by sending you a friend request on accident I’m so dumb for doing that. I know you can’t accept it. Your not even that good looking and still don’t know how I fell for you. Well thanks a lot you ruined my mind. I miss the way you teach even though I hated some of the activities you made us do. I miss it so much. This is wrong I know and I never knew something like this would happened. I don’t know, I kinda have feeling you know about this. You probably just laughed it out when you found (if you found out). I hope I see you today in hallway and I force myself to say hi or you will but this is so bad can’t stop it. I’m just going to keep doing. I don’t care if anyone thinks I’m a stalker and being hell stupid. Lucky nobody knows about this (hopefully). I’m not to sure if he knows but it seemed like it. Since I used my school iPad to look up stuff about having a crush on a curtain someone I forgot that the school can see everything you look up. I was like fuck they probably told him?. He probably laughed it up and said a stupid student having a crush on me and took it as joke. Well FUCKEN it another stupid thing I did. I know I won’t get this out of my head. I mean I’ve tried but I can’t you keep coming in my mind.

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